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A Severe Storm experience

Sunday May 7th, 2006 Windsurf Regatta at Clinton Lake!

Tuesday April 18th, 2006; Clinton Lake Sailing Association is running its first ever windsurfing regatta. Clinton Lake is about 2 hours from St. Louis - pretty much half way to Chicago. Its a one day event with plans to run three fun races. It is an open class, so any windsurfing board and sail will work.

From the organizer (Frank Scotello):

"This event is primarily for having a good time.  Number of races will depend on the wind. If the wind holds strong we may have as many as 3.  The water temp is already mid 60's.  There is a shallow cove and beach in front of the CLSA pavillion.  My kids are usually playing there under the supervision of my wife while I'm out racing."

"CLSA has weekly sailboat races on alternating Saturdays and Sundays.  This year we added a racing class for windsurfers.  We also decided to do a windsurf regatta to support windsurfers.  This is the first year of the windsurf regatta.  Our race committee chair is a very skilled keelboat racer and he will be running the Windsurf Regatta Races."

"After the race there will be a potluck dinner.  A charcoal fire will be provided by the club to cook any meat you bring. Cooking tools will also be provided. Potlucks usually consist of bringing your own meat and a dish to share.  No one is required to bring anything if they don't want to."

"There are no restrictions on board or sail sizes.  For example, I am bringing an old 12' Wayler with centerboard for sub planing winds and my Bic Nova for anything I can plane in."


Clinton Lake Sailing Association.

Notice Of Race.

Printable Flyer.


E-mail the Organizer:    Phone: (217) 778-6934



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