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Nice Landsurfing Video

(Oct 2010) These French guys take a full sailing kite, strap on an all-terrain skateboard and pull aerial stunts in an open field. Hmm, let's try jumping the basketball hoop. Or how about we get air, drop our board, slip into another one our buddy is holding, and then nail a landing...

Footage is edited from an aerial camera and a ground based camera to provide the full experience. Happy landings!


(Oct 2010) Alex Caizergues breaking the world speed sailing record.

The record had been held by windsurfers, then kitesurfers were the first to break the mythical 50kn barrier, then the hydrofoil Hydrophere had the record (51.36) for almost a year, until this (54.1) in Nambia...


Luderitz 2009 Speed Challenge Promo Video

(Oct 2010) Cool promo video...


Sick Kitesurfing Video

(Nov 2009) Check out this awesome video it's called Calibrate, a kiteboarding film by Andy Gordon, starring Aaron Hadlow. Wow!

Ellis Island / Bay at Alton Ellis Island/Bay at Alton, added as Launch Spot.

(Aug 2006) The Ellis Island waterfoul refuge/bird sanctuary, which is beside Alton, is a good launch spot that Bob & Charlie have been keeping to themselves for far too long!

So now the cat is out of the bag, and hopefully more of us can get to enjoy this launch spot which is reported to typically; have more wind than any other spot in the metro area!

Ellis Bay / Alton Page.

Landboarding Video St. Louis

Swap Meet Location


St. Louis Swap Meet - Sunday July 8th at Noon.

(July 2007) The St. Louis windsurfing & kiteboarding gang are having is second swap meet starting at noon, at Creve Coeur on Sunday, July 8th, 2007.

Come by and say hi:

  • Meet other local wind & kitesurfing junkies.
  • Free lunch (burgers & hot dogs).
  • Find a good home for your unneeded gear.
  • Get gear that you do need.
  • Go windsurfing on your gear, or try someone elses.

Bring all your unneeded stuff, because one mans junk can be a godsend for someone else!

Sunday Noon to ??? (probably around 2pm).

Questions? Call Ralph (314) 283-6382.

Lakeside 370 Lakeside 370

(July 2007) The Launch Spots page of the website has been updated with information on the area's newest lake: Lakeside 370. Or, L-370 as it is also known.

The lake is probably the best lake in the St. Louis metro area for Kiteboarding!

In addition, the Creve Coeur Launch Spot page has also undergone some updates.

Check out L-370 here.

CLSA Regatta 2007 2007 Clinton Lake Windsurfing Regatta .

(May 2007) Led by Frankie, the Clinton Windsurfing gang put on another great event this year. It was cloudy & bluestery out of the East between 12 & 20 mph. Participation was very good with 13 racers soming from Clinton, Indianapolis & St. Louis. There were four races, and a St. Louis rider again came out on top. Ralph got four bullets and demonstrated that the STL riders are the ones to beat!

Kiteboarding Kiteboarding Frequently Asked Questions.

(Feb 2007) A page for those of us new to Kiteboarding has been added to the website. It answers all the questions you may have about getting into the sport, and where to do it in St. Louis.

Questions include:
How long does it take to learn to kiteboard?
Where can I get equipment?
How big a kite should I choose?
And much, much, more.

Visit the Kiteboard FAQ's page here.

Landboarding Video St. Louis Marcos Landboarding video.

(Dec 2006) A quick 1 minute video of Marcos Landboarding and gybing at the Creve Coeur Soccer Fields on Saturday Dec. 16th, 2006. The wind was SSW around 8-10 mph. View Movie ...

Source: Ralph
Format: YouTube
Length: 1 minute
Added:  12/20/06

Marcos Forward Video Marcos forward loop on video!

(May 2006) Its a 1 second video, but its a forward loop on Carlyle!!! By our local hero Marcos!! Not his first loop on the lake, nor his best, but this one is on video! Download...

Source: Loraine
Format: QuickTime Movie
Size: 350 kb Length: 1 second
Added:  5/11/06

Windsurfing Regatta at Clinton Lake.

(April 2006) Marcos Wins, Ralph Second! Clinton Lake is about 2 hours from St. Louis - pretty much half way to Chicago. Its a one day event with plans to run three fun races. It is an open class, so any windsurfing board and sail will work. 

Click for more info

A severe April Storm as experienced from the middle of Lake Carlyle!

(April 2006) Ralph recounts his experience when caught out on lake Carlyle during a severe storm!

Click to read.

Video from session at Creve Coeur. 
Sunday January 8th, 2006.
Showing: Ralph & Larry. Download...

Source: Loraine
Format: QuickTime Movie
Size: 3.9 MB Length: 15 seconds
Added: 1/9/05

Video from session at Creve Coeur.
Sunday January 8th, 2006.
Showing: Ralph. Download...

Source: Loraine
Format: QuickTime Movie
Size: 5.5 MB Length: 20 seconds
Added: 1/9/05

Video from session in my subdivision on Thursday December 8th, 2005.
Snowsurfing by Ralph. Download...

Source: Loraine
Format: QuickTime Movie
Size: 2.1 MB Length: 7 seconds
Added: 12/10/05

Video from session at Harbor Light Bay on Saturday November 12th, 2005. Video shows Ralph and Larry. Download...

Source: Mr. Chris Mihill
Format: Windows Media
Size: 6 MB Length: 1:45
Added: 12/02/05

Video from session at Coles Creek in May 2004. Video shows Dan, Marcos, George, Ralph, Rich (kiting). Commentary by Chris, Charlie and ???. Download...

Source: Mr. Chris Mihill
Format: Windows Media
Size: 1 MB Length: 1:32
Added: 12/02/05

Ralph & Marcos windsurfing lake michigan
Ralph & Marcos hit the road.

(August 2005) Desperate for some windsurfing action, we went up to Chicago, led by a forecast of North West winds of 17mph base for both Saturday and Sunday! We didn't know where to go, but didn't let that stop us!!! Read all about it here.

lake michigan windsurfing and kitesurfing information Lake Michigan information added to website.

(August 2005) Information about traveling to Lake Michigan to windsurf/kitesurf has been added to the site. Including maps, weather links, launch sites, pictures, websites of use and more. Click here.

Got News? Send it to us at WindFunSTL

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