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Taking a Windsurf/Kitesurf trip to Lake Michigan:

Lake Michigan has got to be epic when the wind blows. It is an enormous  lake and comes very close to ocean sailing. Click here to see webcam and current conditions.

Size Statistics: Lake Michigan

Length: 307 miles
Width: 118 miles
Depth: 925 feet maximum depth
279 feet average depth
Shoreline: 1,660 miles largely of sand & pebble beaches



The prime windsurfing spots seem to be:

  1. Greenwood - East facing, great in Northeast, North, South, Southeast, Southwest wind Directions.
  2. South Haven - Great in Northwest. Local knowledge says: "the waves are always short in length/period, but they can get pretty big.
    For the best wavesailing, just downwind of a pier is the best.  The
    shelter of the pier and the bottom contour tends to make the waves
    spread out and wrap around and peel more nicely.  The south side of
    South Haven pier is really nice." - Scott G.
  3. Saint Joseph (St. Joe) - Great in South or Northwest as an alternative to South Haven. Local knowledge says: "Good crowd, little to no localism.  Friendly smiling sailors & kiters that get along great." - Kurt
  4. Dunbar Beach - Facing North-north-west, great in West & North - Local knowledge says: "it closes out in a Northwest. Also; contrary to popular opinion, SW winds @ Kemil & Dunbar can be excellent; it's sideoff, w/excellent launches." - Kurt
    Click here to read photo essay of a trip to Dunbar. 
  5. Miller Beach - Local Knowledge says: Miller used to be popular, but is in a BAD neighborhood - car jacking, gear stolen, pets shot, etc!!
  6. Wolf Lake - The locals we met sail it and say it can blow great there, and is a flat water alternative to Lake Michigan.

For more information on those spots, and driving directions, check out the Evanston Windsurfing Association website here.

Click here to go to the weather page and check out the Lake Michigan forecasts.

Ralph & Marcos at Indiana DunesRead a photo essay of Ralph & Marcos' Aug '05 information gathering trip to Indiana Dunes here.

Other Sites of interest from the area:

Indiana Dunes:



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