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Lakeside 370
also known as: L-370.
In St Peters, Missouri.


Lakeside 370 

Park was closed to kitesurfers, windsurfers and the public starting on August 5th.

Apparently, the Park Department closed the lake/park until development is completed, which is expected to be in 2008.


Rigging Area:

When to go:
  Lake is long and skinny, and the long part looks like it would be best in a Northerly or a Southerly.
  Would be good for Kiteboarding in any wind direction.

Take I-70 to Route 370 (370 only goes North from 70).
Exit 370 at Truman Blvd, and go left/north.
Lake is at the end of the dirt road at end of Truman.

More Resources:
City of St. Peters' plan for the Lake & surrounding park (PDF).

This lake is west of the Missouri river and North of I-70 in St. Peters.

Probably the best lake for Kitesurfing in the St. Louis Metro area.

May be a good spot for windsurfing speed runs.

Lakeside 370 lake is less than half the size of Creve Coeur (140 acres vs 320 acres).

The banks have a nice gentle slope, and you can walk all around the perimeter of the lake.

Has a high voltage line crossing the lake at mid-lake

Mud is a problem right now. There is sand on the southern edge, from about the crossing power line to about 0.25 west of the eastern edge. There is not sand right down to the water line, so you have to deal with mud.

Lakeside 370

Lakeside 370

Lakeside 370 in St. Peters Missouri

Juan at Lakeside 370 August 5th 2007



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