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Creve Coeur Session
Date: Dec 31st, 2006
Wind: S 12 mph, SW 20 mph.
Photos: Marcos

Bob & Ralph head out. Bob had his 6.8 on the Bic. New Years Eve sailing. Bob tacks.
Ralph 7.6 on Pandera. Gloves & hat/hood were essential. This old longboard still has legs! Ralph with 6.4 on Seatrend.

Creve Coeur Session
Date: Dec 16th, 2006
Wind: SSW 10-15 mph.

Photos: Ralph

Martin planning with 7.5 Marcos Landboaring, switch stance. New board & 5.4 sail Marcos & Tim with their boards.

Creve Coeur Ice Update
Date: Dec 8th, 2006
Photos: Ralph
Ice Forming at edge of main pool. Boat ramp was iced over.

Harbor Light & Creve Coeur
Date: Nov 29th and Dec 3rd, 2006
Wind: 13-15
Photos: Ralph
Marcos, Ralph, Ed
& not much wind!
Creve Coeur, main pool 12/3/06 Creve Coeur, south pool 12/3/06

Session at Dam East
Date: Oct 22nd, 2006
Wind: 15 - 20
Photos: Loraine
Ralph and a giant Seagull! Marcos dialed in. Larry with 4.5 on Flow. Ralph gibes.
Marcos and his 5.4 on RRD. Ralph blasting on 5.25 & Electron. Larry and Ralph in lots of rubber! Men in Black: Larry & Marcos.

Session in Asia
Date: Oct, 2006
Ken Kitesurfing in ShangHai, China. Ken at Koh Samui island, Thailand.

Session at Creve Coeur
Date: Oct 3rd, 2006
Wind: 4 - 9
Photos: Loraine
Paige enjoying the hot evening. Joel had no problems other than losing his mast foot nut! Joel gives his friend a lesson. Marcos made the most of the gentle evening breeze.
Ralph going downwind in the dying SW breeze. Marcos, Paige & Ralph. Marcos tested flying his kite, as the wind died. Marcos - Ralph.
Marcos, Joel & Ralph. Lined up for the camera. A record 94 degrees made for an enjoyable evening. Lots of windsurfing gear at Creve Coeur.

Session at Coles Creek
Date: Sept 23rd, 2006
Wind: 8 - 15 Sat
Photos: Ralph
Marcos tacking On wrong side! Marcos' new RRD Board! Sunset.

Whale of a Sail Regatta, Carlyle, 2006
Date: Sept 16 & 17th, 2006.
Wind: 5-10 Sat, 15-20 Sun.
Photos: Julia.
Some of the competitors:
Reid, Hugh, ???, Chris, Marcos & Ken.
Marcos heads out. Sunset Cruising. Marcos on Ralph's 7.6 & Mistral Pandera (board circa 1989).
3rd Place: Hugh.
2nd Place: Chris
1st Place: Marcos
Marcos won the windsurfing class with 5 bullets, and was named the "boat of the regatta"!

Session at Creve Coeur
Date: July 10th, 2006.
Wind: SW 8.
Rider: Ralph.
Photos: Loraine.
Ralph with home made bouy! Heading out. Sunset Cruise 7.6 on Mistral Pandera.

Meeting at Creve Coeur
Date: Sunday July 2nd, 2006.
Wind: W 10.
Photos: Ralph.
The Girls!!! Paige, Loraine & Tony's wife (sorry I forgot name) Ray & Larry take an inventory! Tony & his Exocet Kona. Ted, Larry & Paige.

Gear for sale!
Date: July 2nd, 2006.
Photos: Ralph.

Naish 5.5 with bag.
Great condition.
Boom: 174. Mast: 430/21.
Contact Larry.
2 Standard Box Fins.
1 boom masthead.
Contact Ralph.
Bic Vivace 270 Carbon.
Slalom board, 96
Optional Bag.
Contact Ralph.
Bic Mastfoot and mast cup.
Contact Tony.

Session at Coles Creek
Date: May 25th, 2006.
Wind: WSW 8 to 20 & gusty.
Photos: Loraine.
Ed with his 6.5 and Rich Kiting Ed & Rich Ralph - 7.6 on Seatrend Rich
Chris with 6.8 on Big Blue. Marcos & Rich Marcos

Session at Creve Coeur
Date: May 18th, 2006.
Wind: 8 to 23 & gusty.
Photos: Loraine.
Fabien on a Mistral Flow with a cambered 5.9 Ralph trying to hang on to his 6.4.

Session at Dam East
Date: May 11th, 2006.
Wind: 20+ mph and gusty.
Photos: Loraine.
Ed -Ripping!!! 4.2 Rich going out (Tiga & 4.2) Chris - flat & fast!!!! 4.6 Ralph powered up! 5.3
Rich gybes. Ralph ripping! Ed going out Rich 5.1
Ed cruising. 4.8 Ralph's GPS - 40 miles and the blisters to prove it!

Regatta at Clinton Lake
Date: May 7th, 2006.
Wind: 0 to 5mph.
Photos: Chris, Ralph & Glen.
8am & ready to go! After the 2.5 hr drive we arrive. The CLSA pavilion The sailing area.
Marcos Won the event! Chris contemplates sailing "Marcos style" (only in a T-shirt :) The St. Louis team gets in some practice before racing. Chris, Frank (event organizer) and the big board.
Results Jim gets 3rd prize and a finger pull from the Race Committee???? After that there was another ritual that we had not seen before! Ralph gets Second place. 

Marcos won, but we don't have a picture. 

Pot Luck grub, a BBQ and some good conversation.
Customizable flags were awarded. Ralph's shows the course and the wind direction for the day!

Session at Harbor Light Bay
Date: April 29th, 2006.
Wind: SE Gusts to 50 mph.
Photos: Loraine.
Ralph 3.8  Marcos 4.0 Rich 4.2 Chris 4.0
Ed (3.8) Chris & Larry (3.5) Ken 12.0  Marcos & Ed
Marcos & Ralph.  Ralph checks his GPS. Ralph & Rich Marcos & Ed
Rich replaces a footstrap.  A violated 4.2

Kiter at Creve Coeur
Date: April 16th, 2006.
Photos: Loraine.
Unknown Kiter (presumably Ken) at Creve Coeur on Easter Sunday.  Enjoying a gust.

Session at Coles Creek
Date: April 16th, 2006.
Wind: SSE 18 - 24 mph.
Photos: Ralph.
Easter windsurfing.  Coles Creek SSE Wind Ralph's GPS Track.
3:00+, 30+, 31.0 max.

Session at Coles Creek
Date: April 2nd, 2006.
Wind: SW 8 - 55+ mph.
Photos: Loraine & Ralph.
Ralph gybing Storm Cell The calm after the severe storm Ralph's GPS track
Ralph gybes pre-storm.  The Storm Cell. Calm after the storm. Ralph's GPS Track.
2:00, 16.9 miles, 31.0 max.

International Session in Argentina
Date: March 2006.
Riders: Marcos.
Wind: 20-25 mph.
Photos: Marcos' Mom. 
Marcos in Argentina Marcos in Argentina Marcos in Argentina
Marcos tests lake conditions
south of the equator! 
2 days of 4.0 and 1 day of 5.0 Nice mountainous backdrop.

Stork Sightings...
Date: Unknown.
Photos: Larry. 
A Stork surfing? Rich Stork-surfing!

Session at Coles Creek
Date: March 2nd, 2006.
Wind: NW 20 mph, gusts to 30.
Photos: Ralph & Tim. 
With Rich's instruction... Tim helps Rich launch. Ralph's bent boom, port side. Bent boom.

Session at Creve Coeur
Date: January 8th 2006.
Riders: Ralph & Larry.
Wind: WSW 19mph.
Photos: Loraine. 
Larry ripping! Ralph. Larry (5.9) Ralph (6.4)
Ralph & the Page Extension. Larry Ralph Ralph turns down.
Larry's GPS Track.
7.8 Miles, 28.4 Max.
Ralph's GPS Track.
1:30, 15.3 miles, 31.3 max.
GPS Tracks

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