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Photo Catch-up.
Date: May 13th, 2008
Riders: Almost everyone!
Photos: Ralph.


Unknown rider on a Mistral Flow at Creve Coeur on 10/18/2007. Bob on the plane with his Bic, on the same day. Chris ripping at Creve Coeur. 2007 Swap Meet.
2007 Whale Of A Sail Winners. 
Chris- 2nd, Ralph- 1st, Frank- 3rd
Brigite is one of the newest windsurfers in the area. 9/23/2007. Harbor Light Bay. Chris & Ralph load up for the 2007 CLSA Regatta.
Larry at CSA. Larry again - 10/18/2007.. Juan's survival outfit - Front... And Back.
Bridge, Chris, Juan & Ed 10/21/2007. Bridge & Juan. At CSA. Ralph heading to Norfolk, VA 03/27/2008
First run in Norfolk. Road trip to Hatteras. Windfest 2008 - final night. Neptune presides over Virginia Beach.

Lakeside 370 session (before lake was closed).
Date: Aug 5th, 2007
Riders: Juan & Tim.
Photos: Rolla Dave.


Juan with a 14 m2 kite in the
gusty conditions.
Juan at L370 before the park was closed to the public. Tim launching. Lakeside 370 - currently: CLOSED.

Dave in Hatteras!
Date: July, 2007


Map of Kitesurfing spots in Hatteras.
From Real Kiteboarding.
Dave at Jockeys Ridge. Dave & girlfriend taking it easy! Silva Day launch spot.
Wash Out launch site. Camp Hatteras Atlantic side. Dave is that you???? Camp Hatteras Sound side.

Best Windsurfing Day Ever!
Date: July 11, 2007
Photo's: Jesse Gater
Beuatiful Windsurfers: Erica & Lauren
Location: Creve Coeur

Erica Lauren Lauren
Erica was a natural, and had no problems at all. Lauren had trouble with the weight of the 7.6 rig, but was a trooper! Lauren takes a break!

Swap Meet Gear For Sale
Date: July, 2007
Seller: Dan, Larry, Rich
Photos: Ralph

2007 Swap Meet
The July 8th Swap Meet was a huge success, with lots of boards and sails finding good new homes! Plus everyone enjoyed the BBQ & meeting new folk! AHD carbon kevlar construction is very light and sure to be a rocket! 280 cms, approx 100 ltrs. Includes a Neil Pryde bag.
Contact Dan.
10.5 Sq Meter sail. Great condition. $100. Requires long boom and 520 mast.
Contact Dan.

A 6.1 sq meter Neil Pryde sail.

Contact Dan.

Neil Pryde - $100.

Contact Dan.

Couple of Sailworks sails.
4.1 & 4.4 sq meters.

A classic speed machine! Light and fast despite its years. $100.

Contact Larry.

Sailworks Sail.

Contact Larry.

A small sized Naish sail.

Contact Larry.

A small sized Sailworks sail.

Contact Larry.

A like new small sail.

Contact Larry.

Sailworks Sail.

Contact Larry.


Various fins (all fit in standard American fin boxes). Also some foot pads.

Contact Rich.

Gaastra Manic 4.0, $100.

Contact Marcos.


Marcos in Barcelona, Spain.
Date: June, 2007

Marcos & Bjorn Micah
Marcos & The Terminator (Bjorn) Micah Buzianis was second at the PWA Slalom event, Bjorn 3rd. Marcos checks out some 2008 production gear . Not much wind on the Med today!

Clinton Lake Regatta
Date: Sunday May 6th, 2007
Wind: East 12 - 20mph (Blustery)
Photos: Bill Vokac

The skippers meeting Gear at the ready Frank had a 9.5 on his Pacer Ken getting some practice
Setting up before a start Hanging out between races Close racing A good start!
Ripping in a gust Ken & Ralph in race 4 Ralph at speed Ralph lines up a gybe mark
Reid with a 6.5 on a Wayler Someone going fast! Someone else; also ripping! Ken & Ralph - race 4
Between races Approaching the finish Going upwind Port and Starboard  
Reid & Frankie de-rig Frankie arranged this fun event Results The awards ceremony
Reid 3rd Ken 2nd Ralph 1st Jerry was a great PRO
Victory flags The whole gang!    

Super Sunday Session
Date: Apr 22, 2007
Wind: South 20- 25mph
Photos: Ralph

There were 12 riders enjoying the awesome day at Harbor Light. 61.4 miles, 33.5 max in 3:52. Juan, Reid, Ralph, barman, Larry & Marcos at "Hunters Welcome".

Date: Feb, 2007
Photos: Ralph

Ralph testing the ghetto landboard! Marcos' Landboard. Frankie's set-up: 180mm trucks & 76mm 75a wheels Tim's rig.
Skateboard Wheel      
Skateboard wheels prove not to be suitable for landboarding.      

Creve Coeur February Freeze
Date: Feb 4th, 2007
Wind: W 10 mph.
Photos: Ralph (camera-phone)

Creve Coeur lake is solid . No windsurfing here! Frozen waterfall. Ice thick enough to walk on.

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