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Ellis Island / Bay
at Alton.

Ellis Island waterfoul refuge
enlarge map

Plenty available at waterside.   

Rigging Area:

When to go:
"This place works when nothing else does."

This launch seems to enjoy stronger Northerly winds than the rest of the St. Louis metro area.
Great in an Easterly as the current pushes one upwind!

Two options:
(1) Take 270 to 367 North (towards Alton), 367 merges into 67/Lindbergh. Exit just before crossing the Clark Bridge (large suspension bridge).

(2) Take Lindbergh north towards Alton, and exit just before crossing the Clark Bridge (large suspension bridge).

More Resources:
Google Map.

At the Lincoln Shields launch, the water is shallow and there are some stumps and old duck blinds. It is on the river, but the current doesn't pick up until you get out into the channel, or, out past the remnant of the old dam that is there.

On the down river side of hwy 67 is a road that parallels the water, and leads to the second launch site. When the wind is south, east, or west, that slew is very sailable. There is a parking area on left about 1/2 way to the dam. You rig and carry to water, about the same distance as Creve Coeur. This launch may not be kite friendly. From this launch you can run down to the dam and back. It is very safe for learners, as there is no current, but there are hidden rocks at the launch that will get your shins, so shoes or booties are needed. Once out on the water you are ok.

Location of ellis island




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